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Here is a page dedicated to programming projects of mine, as well as other things I have been working on lately.

Spirit Solitaire is an original game played with a regular deck of 52 cards. The objective is to place 'bridges' between 'islands' using the difference values between pairs of cards. The demo is free to play on Windows PC / Linux and is also available on the Google Play store in free and full (non-free) versions. It is currently closed-source.

Versions available: Windows, Linux 32-bit, and Linux 64-bit

Current version is 2.0.4

If you own a Mac or mobile device:

  • Android version
  • iOS version
  • macOS version
  • Store versions are available in demo and non-free downloads.

    You can try out my latest HTML5 game, Artifact of Mazes. It is a mix of 3D maze exploring and puzzle solving, and it includes two custom practice modes plus a few help screens. It is also touchscreen-sensitive (tested on Chrome, Firefox and IE 10). I might add sound support later. There is also a YouTube video you can check out to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.


    Stage One Maze is a prototypical maze game with six degrees of freedom for rotation and movement. This is similar to the popular DOS game Descent, but not nearly as complete. Right now, it is just a three-dimensional maze, but I have plans for a sequel (ETA undetermined) that should actually have a story element.


    I have written a couple of small Go programs that can detect prime and composite numbers without referring to previous primes. The algorithm is not nearly as efficient as a brute force integer check, but the process is still original. The sources can be found here and are placed in the public domain, so use them as you wish.

    Zipped binaries:
    Linux: ring-print.zip test-prime.zip
    Windows: win-ring-print.zip win-test-prime.zip

    Rummy Pong is a version of Pong I have created in javascript (with the HTML canvas element) which adds the ability to score on your opponent or vice-versa by creating a central hand with numbered and colored items in a manner similar to the card game Rummy. It requires more reflexes than some of my other games, but the game difficulty is adjustable. It has been tested on both Chrome and Firefox browsers, but may work on others. If you are having trouble playing it in Internet Explorer, check the bottom of the game page for a link to a plugin called Chrome Frame.


    This is a javascript program that renders animated textures upon hand-calculated 3D shapes. Again, the canvas tag is used for rendering.


    Here is a list of small demo projects that I have found some free time to play with:

    Other programming projects I have developed:

    Written in C:

    Written in Python: If you choose to download the executable version of the Python programs for MS Windows, the size may be larger than what you would expect from a scripting language.


    I have been composing music for a couple of years now, mostly with tracker software. Head over to my SoundCloud page to check out what I have so far...