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Rummy Pong Copyright (c) 2012 Sean McKean (smckean AT systemsymmetry DOT com).
Check source code for license.

Rules: Besides the standard rules for Pong, a center pot is accumulated which also increases a player's score. Select a numbered item on your side (above "You") in order to prepare it for adding to the pot. To deselect an item, click on another item or anywhere else. When the ball strikes your paddle, any selected item will replace or be added to the pot, or if there is no item selected, you will discard the last item in your hand and draw a new one. If the added item forms a valid pot hand -- three to four items of differing colors and the same number, or three or more items of the same color forming a continuous sequence of numbers with a difference of one (i.e. 1-2-3, not 2-4-6) -- you will gain one point. If the item is an otherwise valid addition (contributes to a valid hand), it will be added but no points will be gained. A maximum of eight items can be in the pot at a time, or else it will be cleared. If the item is not a valid addition, the other player will gain a point and the item will replace the current pot. If four volleys have passed without adding to the pot, it will be reset to zero items in order to keep the game moving. Once the players reach a difference of four or more points, the game is won by the player with the higher score.

Controls: Move mouse in canvas area to position your paddle. Left-click on an item in your hand to select it for adding to center pot. Right-click to exchange item under mouse with last item in hand, which will be removed when the ball returns if no items are selected. -/+ keys slow down/speed up ball as desired. Space key pauses.

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