soundshape software

Hello and welcome to my project homepage.

My name is Sean McKean; I am a hobbyist programmer and interactive computer enthusiast.
I create unconventional software which showcases my striving for connective and moving designs.

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Mesa Maze test release update (2018-06-30): The game is coming along. So far each tutorial has been roughly completed and a test map is included; I also added a couple of nifty ideas to the graphics engine, such as motion blur. More gameplay elements are on the way.

Windows, Linux and Mac platforms are supported. Please note that the Mac version is currently a minimal executable program; I will eventually add full macOS package support when I get around to it. As the game nears completion I will strive to fully support Android and iOS platforms.

Download mesa-maze demo v0.2.2 for:

Play instructions are included with the download. Please let me know if the demo doesn’t appear to run correctly or if something needs better explaining.

Otherwise, please enjoy :-D

"Mesa Maze" preview (2017-06-12): I have lately been at work on a game I plan to release on PC / Mac / Linux / Android / iOS platforms sometime in the near future. Here you can check out a video preview of some early gameplay, which you can see is similar to Pac-Man (TM) and other maze-running games, except for the mechanic of moving along the surface of a cube in several directions. The music piece featured in the video was written by me.

Here is the page for my free HTML5 game, Artifact of Mazes. It is a mix of 3D maze exploring and puzzle solving, and it includes two custom practice modes plus a few help screens. It is also touchscreen-sensitive (tested on Chrome, Firefox and IE 10). There is also a YouTube video you can check out to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.


This is a javascript program which renders animated textures upon hand-calculated 3D shapes with HTML5.



I have been composing computerized music for a few years now; my screen name is mirim.

Head over to SoundCloud to enjoy some of my latest audio projects.