Platonic Opaline

A new puzzle game involving 3D surfaces and the five Platonic solids


Several colorful pieces surround a central shape, each of which can come together to form a complete shell around a Platonic Solid. Choose between one of five Platonic Solids to solve: the pyramidal Tetrahedron, the regular Cube, the diamond-like Octahedron, the pentagonal-shaped Dodecahedron, and the faceted Icosahedron. Interact with fragmented shapes by rotating and selecting with a touchscreen-friendly interface. Strive to place shapes efficiently together in order to complete the final solid and marvel at your colorful hard work.

This is a beta-test version of the game; it is still under heavy development. Any feedback is welcome: Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, or if the game doesn't work properly. Also, feel free to contact me if the help system is too unclear or vague. With your help, I aim to make this game reach its full potential.

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